Cédric Steinmyller of Klingande’s 5 Songs of the Moment on SoundCloud


French house duo Klingande — Cédric Steinmyller and Edgar Catry — have been tearing it up since 2013 courtesy of their breakthrough single “Jubel.” After topping the singles charts in eight countries and touring Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Romania and the Netherlands, the song has finally received an official release in the States (watch their video below). We’re told a summer tour of the U.S. is in the works, so it’s safe to say Americans will be seeing and hearing a lot of these saxophone loving 22-year-olds in the coming weeks. Purveyors of a smooth sound, we checked in with Klingande’s Cédric Steinmyller and asked him to share his five go-to acts of the moment on SoundCloud.

1. Route 94 – “My Love”
I’m really a fan of Route 94. Discovered it a few weeks ago, just don’t miss it.

2. Clean Bandit – “Rather Be”
I love the fresh sound of Clean Bandit. They had a success in the UK and are becoming huge in Europe.

3. Synapson – “The Garifuna Collective – Seremei Buguya (Synapson Remix)”
These are French guys. I met Synapson at a show. They are great producers and took some risks in this remix of Garifuna Collective.

4. Naxxos – “New Orleans”
I love these guys and their first track “New Orleans,” which will be released worldwide in a few weeks. They brought something new in this music, more exotic.

5. Godford – “Brothers”
Godford is an anonymous guy. Nobody knows him, but I think he is French. I love his minimalist yet really melodic deep-house style.

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