John 00 Fleming Launching Brighton Music Conference to Help the Next Generation of Electronic Artists

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For the past two decades British trance DJ/producer John 00 Fleming has been honing his majestic sound in the studio, behind the decks and via releases on his JOOF Recordings. Having accomplished much in his career, Fleming is using the lessons he’s learned for the greater good through his involvement in Brighton Music Conference, the UK’s first-ever music conference and expo.

Taking place April 11-12, 2014, in Brighton, England, the first installment of the two-day event will offer attendees seminars intended to help aspiring artists gain knowledge about the music industry in addition to a gear expo that will allow folks to interact with some of the most important manufacturers around.

In this exclusive interview we talked to Fleming about the ethos behind BMC and how it will stand apart from other music conferences.

There are many music conferences held around the world. What will distinguish Brighton Music Conference from the others?
Jon 00 Fleming: As with many things, the meaning of conferences has got a little muddied over time and many have just become about the parties and club nights. While those are fun, in today’s world the music industry has become more business and professional orientated, especially the new generation wanting to get advice on how to make a career in the music industry.

Not only do with have a conference for the industry, but also 50 tutorials and seminars all under one roof in a social environment. We also have an expo show where you can rub shoulders and ask questions to all the manufacturers in the business.

The list of participants taking part so far in BMC is truly impressive — everyone from Dave Clarke and Dave Seaman to Pasquale Rotella of Insomniac Events. How did you get involved in BMC and what is your role?
Each day we get more and more people asking to come aboard; the response has been outstanding. The idea came about because I was frustrated not getting what I wanted from music conferences and also seeing the next generation not getting the tools or advice they needed to give it a shot in the music industry. One conversation lead to another and I got introduced to a company that puts on events and conferences. The rest is history.

“There’s too many talented musicians out there not having a clue how to get gigs, how to build a fan base, how to get an agent and basically manage their vision. They will get all the tools and advice they need here.”

You live in Brighton. What are some of the things that distinguish the city from other cities around England?
Brighton is like the San Francisco of the UK. It has a cosmopolitan vibe [with a] hippie culture]. [It’s a] cool place [that’s] green friendly [with] artist. The perfect city to hold a conference as Brits make any excuse to grab a weekend away to the seaside in Brighton!

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What are some of the city’s current challenges Do you think BMC can play a role in social change in addition to serving as a platform for networking and education?
Though the conference is held in Brighton, this is a conference for the UK as a whole. To me education is the main factor. I see so many kids leave collage, university or any other music courses without the knowledge of how to make a career. There’s too many talented musicians out there not having a clue how to get gigs, how to build a fan base, how to get an agent and basically manage their vision. They will get all the tools and advice they need here.

I read there will be over 50 workshops. Will you conduct any?
Yes, for sure. I’ll be hosting a few from giving advice on how to get gigs alongside Dave Seaman and running your own events.

Will there be an all-star bash during BMC with a ridiculously amazing DJ lineup?
We all agreed to avoid the massive clubs nights. Our focus is on eduction and not getting wasted and going AWOL — that’s where we want to be different. There will be after parties with some great lineups, but we’re keeping them low key.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I really can push the fact that we have 50 seminars and tutorials over two days. It’s a one-off opportunity to get this precious information and insight to the music industry all for only £8!

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