Oliver Huntemann Looks Back on 5 Years of Ideal Audio

Oliver Huntemann

When Hamburg’s Oliver Huntemann united with kindred techno spirit Dubfire in 2008 for “Dios” issued on his newly launched Ideal Audio, the breakthrough minimal collaboration scratched the surface of the sonic terrain his imprint would go on to explore. Five years later Ideal Audio have an array of choice tracks to its credit, and in the wake of countless musical trends and fads has remained true to its roots and sound. This month the venerable technocrat takes a much deserved victory lap in the form of Oliver Huntemann presents 5ünf – Five Years Ideal Audio compilation, a two-part affair featuring Future tracks from Joran van Pol, dubspeeka, Extrawelt and Hatzler, and a second part dubbed Past continuously mixed by André Winter featuring deep, minimal cuts by Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz and Sebastian Radlmeier. We caught up with Huntemann and asked him to share his five favorite moments of running Ideal Audio over the past half decade.

Oliver Hunteman’s 5 Favorite Moments from 5 Years of Ideal Audio

1. The release of Ideal catalogue number one “Dios” by Dubfire and myself. Just started and such a success.

2. Recording of my PLAY! 04 mix compilation in Melbourne. Crazy party at Roxanne Parlour during the Future Music Festival Australia tour.

3. Finding out that obviously nobody in the music industry has used Ideal as a name for a label before. I couldn’t believe that, and I still can’t. Lucky me!

4. Our 5ünf record release party at Uebel & Gefährlich in Hamburg. Ten hours full of energy in my hometown and great DJ sets from dubspeeka and Joran van Pol.

5. Working on the 5ünf – Five Years Ideal Audio release. It took a while but I had a intense good time in 2013 while discussing, planning and creating the CD together with all our artists and the label staff.

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