President of Slovenia Urges Citizens to Vote For UMEK in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Poll [Video]

With the annual rush of DJs begging asking fans for their vote in DJ magazine’s annual Top 100 poll now under way, Slovenian techno stalwart UMEK has received support from his nation’s highest office. President Danilo Türk is asking Slovenians to support UMEK by voting for him in the magazine’s annual poll. “Music is a universal language. It can bring us together in peace, love, unity and respect. UMEK stands for all that,” says President Türk in the promo video below. President Türk says he event hit the ballot box himself, urging Slovenians to do the same. This begs two questions: Which other DJs will ask their presidents or prime ministers for support? Will DJs begin endorsing politicians in return? Here’s hoping this charming endorsement remains a one-off and doesn’t become a trend.

Darren Ressler

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