Danny Tenaglia Resigns From DJing on Facebook

Legendary New York DJ/producer Danny Tenaglia is known for his deep connection with his fans. If you’ve ever seen him play one of his marathon sets, you’ll know that he often gets on the mic — something of a rarity in dance music culture — and addresses his flock a few times throughout the night.

Taking to Facebook yesterday Tenaglia posted a long, heartfelt post asking “please, just LET me BE, LET me BE!… The Time Has Come for ME to “finally” BE MYSELF!!”

“As of this day, I am ‘resigning’ (not retiring) and all future gigs will sadly BE canceled except for My Belated Birthday @ Pacha on Sat April 28th! This will BE my final gig until I feel I am ready to return back to the decks. This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my career, but if not now, then when??

Tenaglia went on to discuss the trials and tribulations of his chosen profession — everything from the trappings of success to how difficult it can be when traveling around the world. He wrote: “I HAVE SEEN THE MOUNTAINTOP as a DJ and I just need to STOP and smell the roses of my life and simply try to “Grow Up and BE who I really am” but “everything””

Tenaglia also revealed extremely personal information, stating that part of his break will allow him to move from his New York City loft filled with 10,000 record which he can no longer afford. “I know many people think I am wealthy but I assure I am not! I have lived well and have very nice things to show for my earnings, but I cannot stop working!”

At around 11am today Tenaglia posted again on Facebook that he was amazed by over 1,756 comments to his post. “I will share sooooooooooo much with all of you,” he wrote before eating his breakfast of oatmeal, berries and “a big Fu**ing cup of caffeine!.” “But let me get some fuel in me!”

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