DJ Sneak Speaks About Twitter Feud with Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello

The usually politically correct world of DJ culture was turned upside down at the end of March when DJ Sneak and Swedish House Mafia‘s Steve Angello began exchanging barbs via Twitter. Sneak, who is revered in the house scene for his years of remixes and productions, took mega trio Swedish House Mafia to task over what he felt was the triumvirate’s lack of musical authenticity. Sneak’s tweets prompted Angello to defend his group’s honor and the exchanges on Twitter between the two DJs became heated and personal.

With feuds among DJs a rare phenomenon, the row unknowingly touched on a plethora of unspoken issues in the scene, one whose biggest earners are now featured in a column in money bible Forbes magazine.

In this exclusive interview, Sneak explains his side of the story, the origin of the feud with Swedish House Mafia and why he has no regrets about what he said and tweeted. Big Shot reached out to Steve Angello’s publicist asking if he’d answer the same questions we posed to Sneak, but our request for an interview was denied.

From what I can tell the feud with Steve Angello began when you were joking around on Twitter with Junior Sanchez. What exactly happened?
It really did not start there — it started in an interview for DJ where they asked me about the state of the music industry and a few other industry related questions. I answered honestly and, of course, they just took a particular quote and blew it up. I guess they knew the quote would get people’s attention.

Steve Angello tweeted “it’s stupid of you calling people out like that on twitter, we always respected you but you show a side that’s fucked up.” Did you call him out specifically?
I did not call any individual out; I just called their group a DJ fraud. If you are going to do pre-recorded sets then call yourself a live act or a performer, leave the DJing to real DJs. There are many DJs out there that can rock a crowd and do what they have to without faking it.

“You can never expect everyone to agree or like what you say, I was just stating my opinion and knew there would be those who would disagree.”

As news of the feud spread some people wound up saying nasty things about both of you. What is your reaction to that?
It comes with the territory. Again I simply stated something that everybody knows is true but no one had the balls to put out there. I always give respect where respect is due, not just in house music. There are great DJs using technology but [they] are still doing things live. In my opinion you are suppose to be creative, give the people something new, something unique, not something that has been created prior to the moment while you stand there and act like you’re doing something special.

Reaction to the feud has been split. Do you think you unknowingly touched on opinions in DJ culture — underground music vs. mainstream dance music; superstar DJs vs. niche DJs — that have gone unspoken until now?
I’m fine with the fact that not everyone agrees with my comments; you can never expect everyone to agree or like what you say, I was just stating my opinion and knew there would be those who would disagree. I feel a split should happen: choose your side but be real about it. If you are doing it for fame and money then just admit it, the truth will set you free.

Do you wish that you could take back the first — or any — of those tweets?
No, I stand by my comments. I did not make this a hate [or] smear campaign, I simple gave my opinion and maybe the reason why it got so much attention was due to the fact that there is truth to it. I didn’t mean for it to blow up like it did, I just felt that some info needed to be shared, the rest was out of my control.

Where does the feud stand now with you?
I don’t wish bad upon anybody. Everybody has got to make a living; just be real about who you are, why you’re in it, and don’t front like you’re The Rolling Stones or someone of this caliber. I have spent many years respecting and admiring this craft and music; I just got upset and fed up of watching people shit on something I love. I said what I wanted to say, people reacted, and now I’m quite positive everyone will go back to doing what they feel that have to do. Those who are fake will continue to be fake, and the others will keep hustling for the love.

Anything you’d like to say to Steve about the feud?
There is no beef, only truth and lies.

How do you intend to work past it?
I’m not bothered. I said what I had to say and that’s it. It’s up to public opinion where it goes now. I will just keep being me and take care of what I gotta do.

Will what happened change how you tweet or communicate on social media?
No, I will still be real about things, support the many talented people of the world, respect the people that have earned it, and continue to be me.

Darren Ressler


  1. WOW! What a waste of time to fight on twitter….. all of them should stop doing that and work on music, which is what brings people and their fans together.

  2. I totally agreed with Sneak when I first saw the Youtube video where Steve Angelo was throwing his hands up for 10 minutes while a SWM megamix played.  But that was 8 months ago and you know how the internet thing works,  8 months might as well be 8 years ago.

  3. Yes finnally!!  Thank you DJ Sneak for being you!!!

  4. Sneak was big, back in the days and respect the hard work he has put into this game, but you cant tell me that SHM are a bunch of Douchbags…They sold MSG under 10mins….HELLO!!!!!!!!
    Could Sneak do that…Well there is much demand for the swedes and there are your own people in your country willing to pay them 10 times more than they will pay you…

    Its Music that brings people together in which ever genre as long as there is no Violence, Shootings Killing involved….Does that Ring a BELL????

    There is a big demand for them and why are you ranting about one silly video you seen about faking a set…..Common these guys played a whoopping 245 gigs in 2009 and if they fucked up 15 min somewhere, whats the BIG DEAL and they are being loved by all but just a few can’t digest their success….

    Music brings people together, Haters leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DJ Sneak, you are my hero.. Thanks for sticking up for all of us who still can match a beat, yet aren’t being paid sick sums to give “Entertainment” idiots.  Massive Posse!

  6. Who cares if SMH sould out MSG! Its about the art of DJ’ng. Respect to Sneak for making my ass dance for YEARS and to Bones for not letting the way be forgotten. Progress and new things will come along and success isnt hated when its for reasons that lie in the art itself. Sure some of their music is good and they can put on a show but call it what it is… All of this back and forth on Twitter is silly sure but y’know what? ITS BEING TALKED ABOUT AND THEY ARE INFLUENCING AND CHANGING WHAT A FEW GENERATIONS HAVE GROWN TO LOVE! So respect to those willing to say what it really is and respect to SMH for their success but dont be offended because everyone aint licking ur balls.

  7.  How hilariously ignorant. “A lot of people go to their shows so they must be good…” It’s funny how we invent our own realities eh? Let me clarify something for you, Steve Angelo and his group are phonies. They do as little as possible and market the shit out of it so they can make a ton of money. Chanting “it’s all about the music” and “don’t hate’ is all fine and dandy but the people your supporting are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. Sneak’s remarks weren’t based off a you tube video, although I’ve seen it and it speaks volumes as to Steve Angelo’s character. His remarks were made based on what amounts to common knowledge for those in the industry. If you don’t see how a POS like Steve Angelo getting up on stage and pretending to be a DJ is insulting and disrespectful to those who have genuinely worked their ass off to become even nominally successful, then I’m guessing your a lost cause and let me be the first to energetically encourage you to “rave on” and have a super duper time at the next big Guetta show. I hear he’s going to partner up with Brittney Spears!! If the rumors are true, they’ve already sold out all the tickets, only took 5 minutes…guaranteed to be the best show on the planet if they sold that fast right!?

  8. are you the SHM press agent ? trying to make them look good ? would be a typical “fake action” again from the highly renowned fakers… I bet the pay you highly !

  9. SHM used to be good until around 2008-2009. Yes, they were main room type music, but incorporated some interesting sounds (Gypsy). After they started doing old re-mixes(Sweet Dreams, Show Me Love, etc.), their music changed.

    Ingrosso actually has skills and is good @ programming his music, but Angello was definitely Robin than Batman when the two played back-to-back. The energy would dip when Angello would spin. He would repeat certain fx constantly-the set would go a bit stale. Now, his set is too clean–bunch of build-ups.

    Main point: they don’t need to anymore and they just don’t. Similar to how Eminem doesn’t battle anymore or release mix-tapes. The commercial machine takes care of them.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. Gramophonedzie and Yolanda Be Cool have achieved commercial fame recently, yet they still DJ on the fly and don’t even play their anthems in their sets. The art of DJing is just lost in some folks. 

  10. Sneak is a hero, Swedish Fish Mafia suck balls! They don’t make dance music and they can’t DJ. Sneak is a hero of the scene!

  11. you just don’t get it. from a fan point of view, there’s nothing wrong cos he’s dishing out bombtracks one after another and feeding your ‘high’ (whatever ever you be on, even of life) but from a DJs standpoint, its just simply unethical and an insult to every other dj who have slaved their way to make it in the industry. Those who would never think to fake a set and act like IM THE BOSS on stage, did you even see the video?? Here it is to jog your  memory. Now you may say, so what? as long its good music and he’s highly in demand and blah blah blah but you’re missing the point cos i wouldn’t want to pay so much to go to a rave and bad enough its jam packed and you have other people’s sweat drippin all over you (unless thats your kind of kick) and then have to find out my favourite DJ is playing a pre-recorded set just because it needs to sync with the pyros. FUCK THE PYROS. And he’s acting like as if he’s the man, he must be laughing his ass off inside fooling people like you who just want music but don’t appreciate the art of it. Its like in uni/college/high school, u work so hard on your term paper, you study the crap out of it and when it comes to an exam, the dumbass next to you that still reeks of alcohol from the night before whips out a cheat paper and aces it. Unless you can relate to the dumbass then you won’t see my point. REAL DJs don’t sync or they don’t play pre-recorded sets. Thats that, i don’t hate SHM, im a big fan but Steve Angello was being naughty and he should get whats coming his way. Haters don’t mean to hate unless someones gives them a reason to. And you are mad to think that talent is measured in how many gigs they sell out and how many of your favourite tracks he plays. It’s the same as going to concert thats all lip-sync-ed. 

  12. I have been saying this for the last 20 years. I’m not one to hate or talk shit about others success or how they hustle a dollar. If you are getting paid Good for you, and if you can help another DJ/Artist rise even better.  Swedish House Mafia is not the only DJ’s/Artists doing it… I’ve seen far bigger names do it to sold out crowds. Kinda like Milli Vanilli when they got found out. I love their music but lost respect for their artistic performance.

  13. Seems like Guetta has kept quiet through this… wonder why 😉

  14. you guys are so ignorant,,, shm always fake the last 15 or so minutes of a set… its to do with light shows and firework displays… dont be dumb… ive heard axwell mess up on sets plently of times… why would he mess up. and also, who cares about angello anyway. 

  15. This is Fucked up to each its own!
    Just because swedish House Mafia does music that becomes popular does not mean it has popon it.
    Im sick and tired of ppl complaining about this.
    Why do ppl like swedish house mafia more?
    Why did they sold out Square madison garden?
    etc etc etc
    Just cause they are simply THE BEST ON THE BUSINESS !
    they make beats that nobody does.
    So if you dont fucking live them LEAVE THEM ALONE AND MOVE ON! geez

  16. LOL. They sold out madison square garden becuase they are cheesy commercial wank like David Douhe Guetta and Justin Bieber. They are to house and techno music what Lil Wayne is to hip hop. Sure they sold out, sell-out shite is all they dol.

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