Big Shot Guest Mix 353: Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma Big Shot Guest Mix

New York City-based DJ/producer Deepak Sharma’s sublime brand of dark, sinewy techno has been nothing short of consistently exceptional. No hype — only a steady stream of pure unadulterated techno. All these years later, Deepak continues to covet his uncompromising style, a style that transcends fleeting musical fads and fashion.

In October, Deepak and I connected about him doing a Big Shot Guest Mix. He was about to release his Veil of Secrecy EP on his Hidden Recordings label. I was excited about the mix.

Deepak turned it in, and it’s naturally a banger. His 14-track session includes a slew of his then-new cuts as well as selections by Oliver Deutschmann, Monobox, Roberto, Regis and Inigo Kennedy.

From then until (almost) now, I felt the need to take a mental health break and put Big Shot on hiatus. I was depleted. I needed to hit the pause button to reconnect with the music and my passion.

As I slowly got my mojo back, Deepak’s driving mix was the soundtrack to helping me find my North Star again — the reason I began documenting underground electronic music. I’d put Deepak’s mix on in the background and get lost in the hypnotic, gritty narrative he constructed. Fortunately, I came out the other side.

Big thanks to Deepak for his audacious mix, patience and for unknowingly helping me find to find inspiration again. I hope you find his guest mix as emotionally moving as I do.

Big Shot Guest Mix 353: Deepak Sharma

1. Deepak Sharma – “DSC01” (DSC)
2. Deepak Sharma – “Veil of Secrecy” (Psyk Remix) (Hidden)
3. Sigha – “I Am Apathy, I Am Submission” (Blueprint)
4. Monobox – “Forwardbase Kodai” (Phase Remix) (M-Plant)
5. Oliver Deutschmann – “New Age” (Arkham Audio)
6. Roberto – “Flying Low” (Kneaded Pains)
7. Drop-E – “Mitigatory Action” (Edit Select)
8. Pfirter – “Birth” (Odd-Even)
9. Deepak Sharma – “19th Amendment” (Hidden)
10. Regis – “Meat” (Tresor)
11. Deepak Sharma – “DSC07” (DSC)
12. Flug – “Alloy Steel” (Rekids Special Projects)
13. Glaskin – “Stalactite Cave” (Matrixxman Remix) (Yael Trip)
14. Inigo Kennedy – “Divide and Fall” (ASYD)

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