Big Shot Guest Mix 327: Stan Kolev


Fresh from releasing “Fill Me Up,” Miami-based progressive house Stan Kolev takes the reigns of our latest Big Shot Guest Mix.

“I spent almost three months touring in Europe last summer and when I got back to Miami I was fully charged and ready to get back to the studio, because I was so inspired by all the emotions and positive experiences during that trip, and also by the beautiful voice of Sula Mae,” he says of his latest and greatest. “I love to use vocals in my music, especially if they are unique. I think it adds another dimension to the creative process. Sula Mae has a unique blend in her voice that I would describe as mellow jazzy melancholy. The combination of that and any electronic music composition is unique.”

Kolev’s ten-track session brandishes his trademark bold, techy prog-house signature. “I wanted to create a deep and melodic mix, so I’ve included four of my latest tracks to give the Big Shot listeners an insight into my musical style. Plus, there’s some really cool tracks by Betoko, Quivver, Jeremy Olander, Julian Wassermann and Nora En Pure.”

  1. Stan Kolev feat. Sula Mae – Fill Me Up (Original Vocal Mix) (Outta Limits)
  2. Betoko – Crazy Jack (Original Mix)
  3. Quivver – Mumbo Jumbo (Original Mix)
  4. Stan Kolev – Civilized (Original Mix) (Outta Limits)
  5. Jeremy Olander – Caravelle (Original Mix)
  6. Stan Kolev – Unravel Me (Original Mix) (Bonzai Progressive)
  7. Julian Wassermann – Nicun (Original Mix)
  8. SAMH3, Betoko – Bamba (Extended Mix)
  9. Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales (Daniel Portman Remix)
  10. Stan Kolev – Such A Wonder (Original Mix) (Outta Limits)

Darren Ressler

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