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Minimal master Alexis Cabrera hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying guitar at a music conservatory, he ditched his six-string for a turntable at the age of 15. Fast-forward to the present and Cabrera’s deep, groovy tunes have been released on a variety of labels such as Agoo, Minibus, Bosphorus, Underground, Vekton Musik, Attary and Monique Musique, and SK Supreme. Here’s Cabrera recorded live on the decks back in February.

Alexis Cabrera @ Niceto 14.02.09 – minelek – Live! (PART 1-2)
Track List

1. Guti und Cabrera / “2 Mojitos Bitte” (Alexis Edit)
2. Utku Dalmaz / “A Night in Kenya” (Alexis Cabrera remix reedit)
3. Alexis Cabrera / “Sabanas”
4. Guti und Cabrera / “Brocoli” (Alexis Edit)
5. Remute / “Edwood” (Alexis Cabrera Reedit)
6. Minibaass / “Alexis Cabrera & Guti”
7. Xequiel Brandan / “Marbles” (Alexis Cabrera rmx)
8. Alexis Cabrera / “Almohaditas”

Alexis Cabrera @ Niceto 14.02.09 – minelek – Live! (PART 2-2)
Track List

1. Luka & Lazo / “Last Minute” (Alexis Cabrera rmx)
2. Alexis Cabrera / “La Era del Cow” (First edit)
3. Alexis Cabrera & Guti / “Primero Pregunta Mi Nombre” (Alexis reedit)
4. Medu / “Filantropico” (Alexis Cabrera rmx)
5. Alexis Cabrera / “Nothing Better”
6. 42 minutes of free jam

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