Big Shot Guest Mix: Ramiro Lopez

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Spanish DJ/producer Ramiro Lopez has been on fire this year. He’s released tracks on Suara, SCI+TEC, Bedrock, Sincopat and Cecille, remixed Moby’s “The Last Day” with frequent collaborator Coyu and has gigged all over the place. Currently leaning toward the techno end of the musical spectrum, Lopez is set to release the Sleaze EP crafted with Arjun Vagale shortly on Terminal M and his Backtrip EP for Carl Cox’s Intec Digital in October.

In between gigs and studio sessions the globetrotting Spaniard mixed an exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix.

Featuring upfront tracks by Hector, Tina V, Julian Jeweil and Richie Santana, the 15-track session is a sonic document of a DJ coming into his own.

Have a listen to his mix and check out our exclusive interview with Lopez below.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Ramiro Lopez by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Ramiro Lopez

1. Hector – “The Drill” (Original mix) (Inmotion)
2. Tina V – “Recount” (Sonate remix) (Jekos Music)
3. Loko & Jam – “Reboot the Groove” (Original mix) (Agile)
4. Dubspeeka – “Spiral Tribe” (Original mix) (Senso Sounds)
5. Julian Jeweil – “Los Pistolos” (Original Mix) (Agile)
6. Cocodrills feat. Ghostface Killah – “Cherchez LaGhost” (Carlo Lio Remix) (Transmit)
7. Richie Santana – “Snake Oil” (Original Mix) (Transmit)
8. Ramiro Lopez – “Back Trip”
9. Marc Marzenit – “Perron” (Original Mix) (Tronic)
10. Ramiro Lopez – “This and That”
11. Spektre – “Unravelled” (Original Mix) (Trapez LTD)
12. Dhyan Droik- Naboo (Original mix) – “Funk N’ Deep”
13. Ramiro Lopez – “Spirit” (Original mix) (Suara)
14. Joe Blake- “Weekend Club” (Original mix) (Selected Records)
15. Arjun Vagale – “Total Recall” (Original mix) (Tronic)

How’s your summer been? What have been the highlights for you?
Ramiro Lopez: Great! I’m really enjoying it. I’ve had a lot of cool gigs. I played at Dreambeach Festival for the first time — it was an amazing experience — and I’m playing in Ibiza at many of the Suara parties at Booom! It’s the first time Suara is doing a weekly party and it’s been awesome. I’m trying also to catch some sun and work in the studio between all of these.

You’ve remixed Moby’s latest (and helped interview him for us!) with Coyu. How did you approach this remix?
It was something amazing. Suddenly, Moby started to show big support for our track “Y.E.A.H.” on social networks. He has been playing the track at every gig. Right after this, we received the news that he would be interested in a remix from us. After everything was settled, we started to work on it. It was a big challenge. Moby wanted our grooviest side, and we did our best. We are happy with the results.

Is there a label or producer that has been influencing your music as of late?
There are many labels and artists I’m loving right now. I could say Drumcode and Adam Beyer are a true inspiration for me at the moment. However, there are a lot of other artists who are releasing tracks that are gold for me such as: Sam Paganini, Alan Fitzpatrick, Harvey McKay, Nicole Moudaber, Dubspeeka, etc. I also love Intec. Carl Cox is an idol for me. Jon Rundell and the Intec crew always do great stuff. And, of course, Suara. Coyu is one of my favorite artists, so I’m lucky to be close to him.

What inspired your Big Shot Guest Mix?
I’m very into techno right know. I’ve selected some of my favorite tracks at the moment from other artists plus you will find some of my upcoming productions on there. The idea has been to show what you could find in a Ramiro Lopez live set.

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