Big Shot Guest Mix: Crack And Crunch

crack-and-crunch Mario de Wit

Lebbeke, Belgium’s Crack And Crunch is a musical vehicle fronted by tech-house dynamo Mario De Wit. With a past that includes running a record and throwing parties, De Wit’s focus is now firmly fixed on producing minimal music and releasing tracks on his Hit By A Truck label.

Fresh from releasing C&C’s stripped down Wires EP, De Wit took time out to craft an exclusive guest mix featuring taut tunes by Jean Bressan, Joor Then, Alejandro Fernandez and Frink. Toward the end of the session he peppers in “Floating Electricity,” a track featured onhis most recent release.

“A hot lazy day gave me the inspiration for a mix reflecting a fresh crunchy trip,” says De Wit of his 12-track mix. “I prefer to play long sets, and I wanted to put that flow from warming up through building tension till that grooving peak in the mix. It has become a minimal tech mix, composed of new stuff, imbued in a cracky atmosphere.”

Crack And Crunch’s Wires EP is out now on Hit By A Truck.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Crack And Crunch by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Crack And Crunch

1. Jean Bressan – “Yucon” (Original Mix)
2. Joor Then – “Flying Hearts” (Original Mix)
3. Mr. Deka – “Another Prayer” (original Mix)
4. Alejandro Fernandez – “Long Flight” (Original Mix)
5. Pablo Say – “Military Aircraft” (Original Mix)
6. Frink – “Pandea” (Leix Remix)
7. Reelow – “Narciso” (Original Mix)
8. Sergio Sergi – “Bang Bass” (Original Mix)
9. Mene – “Tom And Dry” (Original Mix)
10. Frank Leicher – “Firedance” (Original Mix)
11. Crack And Crunch – “Floating Electricity” (Original Mix)
12. Frederick Alonso – “Arabasia” (Crack And Crunch Remix)

Darren Ressler


  1. Nice deep-dark and poppin’ set! Me like! Allways got my vinyl @Mario’s Yellowcab musicstore. If you wanted te good tracks, Mario was allways there to give you the best possible advice:he knew the scene/music inside-out. Keep up the good work and keep them nasty beats comming!

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