Big Shot Guest Mix: Michel Cleis


After losing some data a while back, we’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to repost lost Big Shot Guest Mixes. Fortunately we were able to find Michel Cleis’ BSGM from 2011, which he recorded in early March 2011.

Known for his beautiful, techy dance floor productions, Michel Cleisis will represent his sound to the fullest when he plays Cadenza’s room at Sunday School: The Lost Weekend on March 26th at the Ice Palace in Miami. In advance of the party, Cleis presents us with a sinewy 11-track Big Shot Guest Mix that’s gonna make your heart race. Miami, you’ve been warned.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Michel Cleis by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix Michel Cleis

1. Maya Jane Coles / “Play the Game”
2. N.E:R. D. / “Hypnotize U” (Hell & Prommer edit)
3. Carlo / “Mr. Brown” (Alexkid Tool)
4. Osunlade Pres. Nadirah Shakoor / “Pride” (Johnny D Remix)
5. Gamat 3000 / “Photone” (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
6. El Mundo and Satori / “Jazz Tango” (Original Mix)
7. Zoe Xenia / “In Your Soul” (Sascha Dive’s NY In My Soul remix)
8. Alejandro Mosso / “Ulanbator Altiplano”
9. Motorcitysoul / “Ushuaia” (Deetron Remix)
10. Taras van de Voorde / “1998″ (Original Mix)
11. Uner / Bassboot EP

Darren Ressler

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