Big Shot Guest Mix: Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson

Veteran Bay Area-based DJ/producer Justin Johnson has been exploring the worlds of breaks and house music for years through his thrilling DJ sets, party perfect productions and pair of record labels, Barely Legal and Cable Recordings. Always one to push himself and the music forward, he plans on relaunching his funky house/disco label Southern Vice as well as starting deep house label Cylon Dub Receptor.

For his first Big Shot Guest Mix since December 2010, the master comes correct with a 17-track set featuring big tunes by DJ Dan, Beatslappaz and Audio Jacker that captures the essence of his hybrid sound.

“I wanted to do something that reflects my live sets where I mix back and forth between breaks and house,” Johnson says of his session featuring a variety of old- and new-school flavors.

“For this mix I imagined I had taken a time machine and landed in New York City in 1978 and made a bunch of tracks. Disco was still very much alive, roots reggae and dub were thriving, funk was almost an underground beast and hip-hop was taking form.”

Listen below and enjoy.

Justin Johnson’s radio show on NSB Radio airs the first and third Friday of each month from 5pm-7pm PST. Download Justin Johnson’s “Magic (Justin’s Disco Kisses Mix) for free here.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Justin Johnson by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Justin Johnson

1. CMC & Silenta – “This Is How We Rollin’ feat. Ragga Twins”
2. Beatslappaz – “Let’s Go”
3. Nephilim – “Bumbaclart”
4. Hoomicide – “Bass Channel”
5. Cadien – “Expression of Self”
6. DJ Dan – “The Edge (Rescue Remix)”
7. Tom Forester & Kava Groove – “Get On High”
8. Soul Avengerz – “People Need Sunshine (Gerald Henderson & Rio Dela Duna Remix)”
9. Big Bang Breaks – “Bring Your Whistle”
10. Dr Beats – “Get Up Funky”
11. Wardian – “Fun Funk”
12. Baymont Bross – “Boys Make It Better”
13. DUB PISTOLS feat SIR REAL & DAN BOWSKILL – “Bad Card (Leuce Rhythms remix)”
14. Curtis B, BBK – “Shifters”
15. Deekline, Hardy Hard – “Can’t Hide It (Mafia Kiss Remix)”
16. Audio Jacker – “So Predictable”
17. DJ Justin Johnson – “Magic (Justin’s Disco Kisses Mix)”

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