The ‘Big Shot Bump’ Helps Chems, Ronson Earn Grammys

The day after the Grammy awards is when the winners’ minions send out self-congratulatory praise about victories they had absolutely nothing to do with. [Cue Queen’s “We Are The Champions”]

Naturally, we figured that we’d get in line and give ourselves some props since two former Big Shot cover stars—Mark Ronson and The Chemical Brothers—both took home trophies (or whatever that thing is) last night. And that’s not all. Present cover stars Daft Punk broke a career-long television dry-spell and performed “Stronger” with Kanye (who won an award for the song) to everyone’s delight. Coincidence? Not bloody likely!

The fact that two of our recent cover stars won awards wasn’t lost on several wise bloggers (we’ll put up the links, um, later), many of whom are citing “The Big Shot Bump” as the reason for their victories. Who will win a Grammy in 2008? You’ll have to read the next issue to find out.

Darren Ressler

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