Pendulum / Propane Nightmares (Earstorm/Warner)

Once again Pendulum are proving they’re more about taking their own path with their music than sticking to the ‘rules’ of drum ‘n’ bass. And while “Propane Nightmares” is distinctly catchier than “Granite,” the first single from their new album, In Silico (meaning “performed by computer”), I have to say it’s not living up to Pendulum’s hype. Yes, they’ve taken rock elements and blended them with d’n’b and Rob Swire’s undoubtedly astounding studio skills, but it’s not a very good representation of either genre. The VIP version with a more straight up dance floor feel is perfectly playable, but again it’s not their best d’n’b by a country mile.

Jeryl Wilton

File under: A Sub Focus remix of Nickelback

Darren Ressler