Tribute Record Planned for D’n’B Producer


Months after the tragic and untimely death of New Zealand based drum ‘n’ bass producer Jonathan Beck, who was one half of CERN, Cyanide Recordings, with the help and dedication of Phace, Misanthrop, Bulletproof, Teknik, and most importantly, Jonny’s closest friend and production partner, Ollie Cern, will pay tribute to their fallen friend with a special memorial record. Proceeds from the memorial single will go to Beck’s mother and brother.

Vulcanic would have been a dream come true for Jonny. Started in NZ in December 2007 by Phace Misanthrop Bulletproof and both Jonny and Ollie Cern, and completed by Florian Phace after hearing news of Jonny’s tragic passing in July 2008, the creation Vulcanic and chance to work with two of his greatest influences was one of the highlights of Jonny’s career.

After Jonny’s passing, three of his closest friends came together in remembrance to honour, to mourn and to heal. Scatter the Ashes is Bulletproof, Teknik and Ollie Cerns expression of sadness and loss during a time when things were still so raw and painful.

Both tracks are a true testament to not only the influence and inspiration and happiness an encounter with Jonny Cern would leave you feeling, but also, we hope, a true testament to the love and admiration we had for our dear brother and friend.

Darren Ressler

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