Round Table Knights’ 5 Songs of the Moment


Swiss duo Round Table Knights — Biru Bee and Marc Hofweber — have established quite a reputation for themselves on the global house scene thanks to steadily crafting bespoke club tracks for labels such as Defected, OFF, Exploited and Made to Play. “We met at a jam session, and we like the same music and we had the same vision,” they told us in an interviewed last April. “So it was just a natural progress to set up Round Table Knights.”

The twosome continue along on their quest for global dance domination with their recently released Secret Place EP out now via Have A Killer Time. The EP features three original cuts and a killer remix courtesy of Australia’s Fantastic Man.

Always curious about the tracks DJ/producers are living for at the moment, we connected with RTK’s Biru Bee and asked him to share some of the songs that are currently in heavy rotation.

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Swiss Watch: Round Table Knights Are On the Rise

Round Table Knights

Round Table Knights are Biru Bee and Marc Hofweber, a Swiss duo who’ve released tracks on labels such as Defected, OFF, Exploited and Made to Play. With a roll call like that, you’d imagine this duo to be one that’s brimming in quality – and you wouldn’t be half wrong either. On that note, theirs is a sound that’s indebted to full-on forces and is very much made with the dance floor in mind. It’s a fact that comes to prominence quite brilliantly on their latest outing, the delectable tale that is the Midnight Spark EP, which is out now on Shur-i-Kan’s always on-point Exploited label. And with this one, it’s no exaggeration to point out that it’s some of their best work yet. Here, we catch up with Biru Bee to find out more.

How are you? What’s on your mind now?
Biru Bee: All good here. We’re just working on some new music in the studio and getting slowly ready for the weekend.

How long have you been involved in music? Are you full-time DJs right now?
We’re involved with music since over ten years. Right now we work as DJs, producers, radio makers and club owners.

How do you find the traveling? Does it still excite you or do you now officially hate airports?
We still love to travel! We are so happy that we have the chance to see so many great countries and meet new people almost every weekend. Of course, sometimes airports can be really annoying but we already have a few tricks to making the waiting time at the airport go by faster. Still, I’m very excited to explore new cities like Seoul a few weeks ago. We often try to stay a bit longer when it’s possible.

So what’s your daily life consist of? Is it just music, music, music? Or what else do you guys get up to?
Mostly our daily life is about music. But like with every business you have to deal with other stuff too. Some paperwork, etc. We try to do as much stuff ourselves as we can.
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Review: Round Table Knights – “Midnight Spark” (Exploited)

Round Table Knights - Midnight Spark Exploited


Former turntablists Round Table Knights have long churned out popular club tunes, but on the Swiss duo’s EP on Berlin’s Exploited label they get a lot more sensitive, musical and darn right jazzy, especially on the first of the two tracks on offer.

Said first tune is “Midnight Spark,” with its tooting trumpet lines, cutesy chord stabs, swaying drums and claps and airy synth work. It’s a great house track that will truly stand the test of time and is certainly one of the pair’s finest jams. On the flip side is “Morning Delight,” a little more lazily stuck in its groove, with lots of piano stabs and criss-crossing synth lines hinting at old-school vibes and subtle acid alike. It’s a fine effort but the A-side is the one that really stands out and sticks in the memory here. Tip!