Rough Trade Records to Close Brooklyn Store & Relocate in NYC

rough trade nyc

London-based Rough Trade Records has announced it will close its two-level, 10,000 square foot shop and live venue on North 9th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this spring. The store, which opened in 2013, will relocate to a yet-to-be-determined location in NYC. The music venue portion of the store will not be part of the relocation. Continue Reading

A Record Store Grows In Brooklyn: Rough Trade Opening In NYC

Here’s a pleasantly surprising announcement. With nearly all major record retailers either on their knees financially or in the process of liquidation, London’s Rough Trade has announced it will open Rough Trade NYC in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the fall.

The store will carry a wealth of music and promises to be even larger than the company’s London shop, Rough Trade East.

But there’s more: Rough Trade will also partner with local promoter The Bowery Presents, who operate local venue Music Hall of Williamsburg, to feature live performances for in-store gigs and will operate as a live music venue.

Obligatory press gush from Rough Trade’s co-owner, Stephen Godfroy: “At long last, we can finally confirm the next bold step in our evolution. We’re extremely excited at the prospect of handing over the ‘blank canvas’, that is a Rough Trade store, to the music lovers of New York, allowing them make it their own culture agora, just as the people of London have so successfully achieved, with downturn-defying results.”

Added John Moore, partner, The Bowery Presents: “The Bowery Presents has always maintained a commitment to developing artists at the inception of their career, with Rough Trade NYC we have that opportunity in an exciting neighborhood and we are excited about the retail store and venue combination concept” says .

While Rough Trade NYC will champion CD and vinyl, the store plans to unveil its new digital music store,, which will offer MP3 downloads alongside CD and vinyl, complete with subscription services.

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