Two-Hour Video of Paradise Garage’s Closing Parties Surfaces

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A two-hour video of the Paradise Garage‘s two closing parties held in August 1987 have been posted on YouTube by someone going by the alias DJ SimonC. While some portions of the footage of these legendary events at the famed and sadly defunct clubbing institution have appeared online over the years, this is the first time the raw, unedited video has been seen in its entirety. Though some of the footage is grainy and dark (hey, it was recorded in 1987!), the video presents a wonderful historical peek into the vibe of the club that was helmed by the late Larry Levan. Special moments include performances by Phyllis Hyman and CeCe Rodgers as well as plenty of shots inside the DJ booth and above the dance floor. Remarked one commenter after watching the video, “Boiler Room just looks a bit silly when once you’ve seen this.”

Image via Facebook