Review: Geiko – ‘Aggressive’ (Waving Alien Records)

Geiko-Aggressive-Waving-Alien-Records review


Geiko is a solo project helmed by Ámaris Wenzel, a multi-talented Swiss producer. Wenzel is also singer and co-owner of Waving Alien Records. In a time where it seems like ghost producers are more prevalent then ever, it’s refreshing to come across an artist who is producing and performing their own music. That’s the way it should be anyway, right?

It’s clear Wenzel bolsters a fairly wide range of music tastes because her productions combine sounds from a multitude of genres — electronica, trip-hop and a dusting of rock ‘n’ roll.

Aggressive feels like a throwback album featuring sounds reminiscent of the electronic music produced in the late ’90s. Even though her style is different and darker, Geiko reminds me a little of BT. Not so much in terms of the style, but in the way she produces her vocal chops and operates as is a one-person band. (Have a listen to “Catch Me” and see if you agree.)

If you like synth-pop flavored tunes of the atypical variety, and you like your electronic music to be on the gothy side of the spectrum, Aggressive is a good option for you.

Scott Binder

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