Review: Dark Model – s/t (Model Electronic)

Dark Model Dance of Wrath


Dark Model is a musical project created by award-winning producer Tatsuya Oe. Its focus is edgy electronic music that blends orchestral sounds with a futuristic sonic landscape. Dark Model’s self-titled debut is truly a work of art and will appeal to an audience that can appreciate the mix of symphonic sounds with the computer world. While listening to the album I couldn’t help but think that the full-length could easily be a soundtrack to a movie. That’s no surprise since Oe’s music has been featured in movies and on TV, including Elysium, The Paperboy and ad campaigns for Verizon, Lexus, Oakley, KFC, and more.

Although it’s clear the music that works perfectly with motion picture and TV commercials, make no mistake this is a high-octane album that you can shake your ass to. Whether you want to dance along to Dark Model in a club or listen to at home, the music works in many settings. (Think Lindsey Stirling with an edge.)

The self-titled release features 16 tracks that will take you inside the mind of a seasoned music maker who not only blends the worlds of orchestral and computer music, but also sprinkles a touch of traditional Japanese music and culture. If you like dark symphonic sounds and electronic beats, then Dark Model is for you.

For a sneak peak into the vibe of the album, have a listen to “Close to Infinity.”

Scott Binder

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