DJ Skribble Suing Las Vegas’ Chateau Nightclub For $1M

DJ Skribble

Queens, NY DJ/producer DJ Skribble doesn’t believe that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The venerable commercial DJ, who is famous for his appearances back in the day on MTV’s The Grind and Total Request Live and his stint in Young Black Teenagers in the ’80s before they broke up, is suing Chateau Nightclub in Las Vegas for $1 million. According to TMZ, Skribble asserts that the club’s new management reneged on an existing one-year deal where he was paid $3,500 per show. Skribble says he’s owed $42,000 for canceled gigs and claims the club’s new management did a number of things to undermine him, including ceasing all advertising and promotion and refusing to give him a microphone during his DJ sets. He’s also suing for slander claiming the club’s management told customers he should “be put in the bathroom to play.” You can bet that this won’t be the last we’re hearing about this case.

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