Lay Your Eyes, Ears & Hands on Vinyl, a Luxury Bathroom Sink That Resembles a DJ Setup You Need Right Now


If you’ve ever thought of bringing a retro club vibe to your bathroom, you’re in luck. Contemporary Italian design firm Olympia Ceramica are getting ready to present a new collection of sinks inspired by a traditional DJ setup.

Designed by artistic director Gianluca Paludi and set to debut at the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair in April, Vinyl is comprised of faucets that look like tone arms and control water pressure and temperature and sink basins that resemble record platters.

A wooden base includes a storage drawer that’ holds with a Bluetooth speaker, which are obscured by a series of small holes on the front panel. There’s also a mirrored panel with LED lights that simulate a graphic equalizer and a tempered glass shelf, a towel rail and a leather bag, providing storage for toiletries and accessories.

The Vinyl bathroom sink collection will be sold in one- and two-sink designs. There’s no word yet from the company on the release date or how much it will cost.

vinyl sink Olympia Ceramica

Darren Ressler

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