Discogs App for IOS and Android is Coming


Everybody loves Discogs, right? Not only does it give record geeks an invaluable reference tool via its enormous database of music, it allows them to use that database to cross-reference with their own collections. But while apps like MilkCrate and others have popped up to offer similar services for IOS and/or Android, Discogs has been conspicuously absent from the mobile market. At least until now. Crate-diggers the world over let out a mighty cry of joy with the announcement that Discogs will finally be bringing out their own mobile app for the aforementioned platforms.

Now, before you get too excited, let’s get the (relatively) bad news out of the way first. You will not be able to buy music or communicate with sellers from within the app. That will still be a web-only option. But beyond that, the Discogs database will be at your disposal in all its geeky glory, whether you want to keep track of your collection or just access info on releases. The ETA for this long-awaited development is the first quarter of next year, so just hang in there for a few more months.

Jim Allen

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