Jordana to Provide Soundtrack for the Film ‘Free CeCe’


When Jordana LeSesne, once known by her musical alias, 1.8.7, burst on the scene in the mid ’90s, she quickly became known as one of the most cutting-edge drum ‘n’ bass DJ/producers in America. For a while it seemed like her tracks were ubiquitous, seeping deeply into the pop cultural landscape not only through her records but also via club residencies, her own radio show, et al. But we haven’t heard much from LeSesne for a number of years. However, now she’s ramping up for a return, and one of the first signs of her imminent comeback is her involvement in a new film soundtrack.

The film, which is currently in a crowdfunding campaign, focuses on the story of CeCe McDonald, a trans African-American woman who was the victim of a hate crime; in the midst of being assaulted, she defended herself against her attacker and ended up killing him, but instead of being acquitted in the name of self defense, McDonald was sent to jail, where she served 19 months. The documentary, which features Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black, looks at the injustices perpetrated against transsexuals. It turns out LeSesne, who is also a trans woman, had her career kicked off its course in the aftermath of a vicious attack, so its doubly significant that her participation in this project is part of her own comeback trail. Watch out for more Jordana news in the near future.

Jim Allen

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