House of 909’s UK Deep House Gem Reissued


Back in 1997, three Brits — Trevor Loveys, Affie Yussuf and Nigel Casey — released a classic deep house album under the banner of House of 909. With vocals courtesy of Azeem and Bobby Depasois, The Children We Were came out on the indie Pagan label, which is now defunct. In an era when deep house was hardly the hot sound of the day, and in a country that wasn’t exactly known as a hotspot for the style at the time, House of 909 managed to create a record that would stand the test of time and hold its own against just about any deep house landmark LP you care to name. Unfortunately, the record’s visibility and sales didn’t match its musical legacy.

But fear not, because Cascine is about to correct that problem with their upcoming reissue of The Children We Were. Remastered and repackaged, the record will be released on August 7 as a limited-edition LP in addition to its digital format.

In the meantime, the curious can get a little advance taste of what’s in store by streaming the song “Playing Fields.” Care to put a pre-order on the vinyl? You can do that here.

Jim Allen

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