Gary Numan Playing 3 LPs at 3-Night LA Residency

Gary Numan

Unlike the some of his contemporaries from the ’80s, synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan has never stopped moving forward. Some three-and-a-half decades after his peak of popularity he continues pushing the envelope with his new material, refusing to rest on his laurels. He spent much of the last two years touring in support of his well received 2012 album, Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind). But now he’s ready to spend a little time looking back at a few of his most impressive accomplishments. Numan will play three shows, from September 29 to October 1, with each night dedicated to playing a different classic album from his catalog in its entirety.

The Teragram in L.A. will be the site for this celebration of Numan’s most beloved albums. This Friday at 10 A.M. PST tickets will go on sale for the shows. 1979’s Replicas, which includes “Are ‘Friends’ Electric” and “Me! I Disconnect From You,” was Numan’s first blend of synths and post-punk. The same year’s The Pleasure Principle, featuring the smash “Cars,” made Numan a star. And 198o’s Telekon was his most nuanced album up to that point. Numan says, “I very rarely look back at past glories but, with these shows, I intend to not only look back, but to celebrate those early days. Without those songs and experiences I wouldn’t be here today.”

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