New CFCF Album on Limited Edition Vinyl

CFCF Radiance and Submission

Montreal’s Michael Silver, better known by his artistic alias, CFCF, has spent the last few years gracefully blending ambient techno, modern minimalist composition and more. His upcoming third album finds him moving even further into new sonic paradigms. Radiance and Submission, due out July 31 on Driftless Recordings, brings together everything from synths and acoustic guitars to hammered dulcimer, film samples, and nature recordings in the service of a sound with dashes of ambient music, folk, and God knows what else.

But there’s also an important visual element to the album — the cover was created by Japanese artist Matsuda Matsuo, and in the special limited-edition vinyl version of the record, the art makes a striking statement.

As you’ll soon learn if you’re inclined to hop on over to the pre-order page for the record, there will only be 500 copies of the vinyl pressing made available; 300 of those feature a matte finish jacket and come with an art print insert, while 200 come in clear vinyl.  In either case, given the scarcity of copies on offer, if you’re a CFCF aficionado you certainly won’t want to sleep on this one. (Yes, it’s available as a download too, you Philistine).

Jim Allen

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