DJ Colette Goes DIY, Launches Pledge Music Campaign For New Album

DJ Colette

Known for her primo DJ sets, house-tastic vocals and membership in the Superjane DJ collective, DJ Colette is asking fans to help her release her upcoming album. Yesterday the West Coast house artist launched a Pledge Music campaign for When The Music’s Loud, an album she’s been working on since 2010. Having released prior efforts on Om Records, Colette is looking for grassroots support in order to go the last mile with the album.

“This is the first record that I’m putting out on my own and I need your help in getting this bad boy out into the world,” says Colette.

Fans can choose from several ways to support her cause, ranging from purchasing a handwritten note of appreciation for a measly $16 to having Colette DJ/sing at your place for $5,000 (plus travel, etc.).

Find out more about Colette’s campaign by watching the video below.

Darren Ressler

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