Daft Punk Launches ‘Get Lucky’ Condom Line With Durex

daft punk condoms

After all of the shenanigans (TV commercials, billboards, a release party in remote Australia) leading up to the release of Daft Punk’s wildly successful Random Access Memories, the helmeted French duo continue their flawless marketing onslaught by uniting with Durex for Get Lucky condoms. According to The Sun, Get Lucky condoms have been distributed to tastemaker DJs like Diplo and Seb Fontaine, who’ve gleefully (and probably for a stipend) offered their appreciation on their Facebook pages. Though they’re certainly not hard up for cash, Daft Punk, who are worth millions, are rewriting the rules every day, leading us to wonder what they have next up their sleeves.

Yehouda Silverman

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