Send A Raven: Game of Thrones’ Hodor is a DJ


Fans of Game of Thrones will know actor Kristian Nairn for his portrayal of the the simple gentle giant Hodor, defender and transporter of young Bran Stark who was paralyzed after…well, never mind…you’ll just have to watch the HBO show or read George RR Martin’s books to find out more. When Nairn isn’t acting, he’s apparently a working and successful DJ/producer/musician in his native Ireland. According to his website, the Belfast-based Nairn “has tread the boards with such acts as Scissor Sisters, Mylo, Calvin Harris and Alphabeat, as well as being part of bands such as AJ Suzuki and Dublin’s very own Daddys Little Princess.” As a producer his website reports that his remixes have been played by Freemasons and Grant Nelson while serving as a resident DJ at one of Ireland’s most popular nightclubs, Kremlin, for over a decade. So Hodar is a DJ. This begs the question: could a Big Shot Guest Mix be on the horizon?

DJ Hodor

Darren Ressler

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