Premiere: Ténéré – Say Laa Vee


Ahead of the release of Club Nowadays, Vol. 1 featuring selections by Chien Méchant, Grand Soleil, La Fine Equipe, Phantom Traffic, Fulgeance and Trifouille1er, we’re thrilled to world premiere the compilation’s first single by Paris-based DJ/producer Ténéré.

Ténéré flexes his house-fueled muscles on the funky cut “Say Laa Vee,” brandishing a sound that channels ’90s French Touch like nobody’s business.

Combining a booming kick drum, choice string and vocal samples, and a killer bassline, the recipe he whips up is irresistible. 

Hit the play button below to get a first listen. Be sure to check the full release when it’s released on June 3 via Nowadays Records.

Darren Ressler

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