Premiere: Kocleo – “True to Say”


Gianni Rina, better known as Kocleo, has been busy at his Rome HQ, cooking up a potent batch of techno tracks that are due to make their official entry into the world this Friday, September 11, in the form of the Pacific Time EP on Audiomatique Recordings.

The Italian DJ/producer began bringing his talents to the public when he was barely out of his teens, so by this point he’s got tons of experience blending textures, dynamics and grooves to create the ideal feel.

On the world premiere of “True to Say,” one of the most intriguing tracks on the EP, you can hear the way Kocleo deftly shifts between insistent beats and more subtle shadings, keeping the locomotion going without losing any of the atmospheric details that can be so crucial to an ear-tugging track.

Jim Allen

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