Premiere: Adham Shaikh – “Vibe Hunter” (The Elders Dance Mix)

Adham Shaikh Basswalla

Over the past two decades Canadian musician Adham Shaikh has worked diligently to infuse his Indian roots into his electronic soundscapes. His dedication to his craft is encapsulated on Basswalla, a chronicle of his global bass endeavors.

Over the span of 10 captivating tracks which are divided between new cuts and updated versions of songs released over the past 13 years, Shaikh, who has produced other artists and scored soundtracks, presents his first set of new material in five years.

We’re pleased to world premiere “Vibe Hunter” (The Elders Dance Mix) off Basswalla. The groove is tight, the strings are absolutely compelling and the bass and beats are hypnotizing.

Now go on and hit the play button below. You know you want to.

Adham Shaikh’s Basswalla is out now on Black Swan.

Darren Ressler

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