Premiere: Christian B & Lavvy Levan ‘Stand Up’ DJ Mix

Christian B & Lavvy Levan Stand Up DJ mix

Next month Christian B & Lavvy Levan will release their fifth floor rocker, “Stand Up,” on their Friday Fox label. The boys don’t muck about for one solitary moment, crafting a track that wraps its arms around one of heck of a smooth, piano-driven groove that’s accented by deep pads, soulful vocals and very intriguing spoken-word samples.

“With ‘Stand Up’ we really wanted to delve deep into underground house with worldwide influences from multiple eras,” Lavvy Levan tells us about the new jam. “We love the deep and soulful groove on the original – and we couldn’t be more pleased with the remixes, from the UK tech flavour of Sonic Matta’s edit, the energetic soul-infused remix from DJ Spen and the unrelenting dark and deep techno inspired excursion from Martin Bundsen.”

To celebrate the release of their latest and greatest, we’re thrilled to world premiere their foot-stomping DJ mix featuring “Stand Up” as well as selection of choice tracks from groove merchants including Brame and Hamo, Daniel Liseman, Nachtbraker and The Track Addicts.

Go have a listen below to their mix, and be sure to check out “Stand Up” when it hit stores next month.

“Stand Up” will be released on May 15, 2015 on Friday Fox Recordings. The next Friday Fox Session takes place at Bar Topolski in London on April 25.

Darren Ressler

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