Premiere: Mystery Tour Minimix – Jerry Bouthier Selects & Mixes Emerald & Doreen’s Catalogue


In the same way sharks need to keep moving in order to stay alive, DJs are on a constant hunt for new sounds.

Just ask musical explorer Jerry Bouthier.

Known for his work with Kitsuné as well as running Continental Records and serving as half of JBAG with Andrea Gorgerino, the musically curious London-based Frenchman began receiving a selection of interesting promos from eclectic and highly prolific German imprint Emerald & Doreen. Run by Markus Schneider and Stefan Maurer (The Robot Scientists) and Eric Schemer (Go Nogo), the imprint’s musical manifesto extends beyond musical boundaries — downtempo, electro-pop, dub, techno, indie, Ital house and more — and operates completely on its own DIY terms. As the promos kept on coming — over 500+ releases issued in just three years — Bouthier became more intrigued.

In what will undoubtedly shine more light on Emerald & Doreen’s vast catalogue, Bouthier puts his fandom to the test by mixing Mystery Tour, a 21-track compilation providing a snapshot into the label’s musical world, featuring tracks from E&D acts including the aforementioned The Roboto Scientists and Go Nogo as well as Spirit Animal, Dead Sea Captains, Nikita Soul and Haioka.

Here’s the world premiere Bouthier’s minimix of tracks from Mystery Tour. Consider it an appetizer for a life changing musical meal.

Image by Nik Hartley

Darren Ressler

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