Premiere: Adriana Lopez – “Close Resemblance”


This month Oscar Mulero’s techno label PoleGroup will release the second edition of the Unknown Landscapes mix series. Mulero, who steered the maiden voyage, hands the musical reigns over to Spain’s Christian Wünsch for a 70-minute, 21-track session composed of exclusive and unreleased tracks by the likes of Reeko, Exium, Lewis Fautzi, Ben Gibson and more.

We’re thrilled to premiere “Close Resemblance” by Colombia-born and Barcelona-based DJ/producer/Grey Report owner Adriana López from the release. Like all of the exceptional tracks on Vol. 2, López’s sinewy blips and bleeps slice through the air like a hot knife through butter. Go have a listen for yourself below.

PoleGroup release Unknown Landscapes Vol. 2 on December 15. Catch Christian Wünsch (live), Lewis Fautzi, Adriana Lopez and Claudio PRC at Tresor Berlin on December 29.

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Track listing for Unknown Landscapes Vol. 2

1. Reeko – Busted
2. Claudio PRC – Atik
3. Kessell – Kelva
4. Tensal – PGA1
5. Lewis Fautzi – Desinformation
6. Adriana Lopez – Close Resemblance
7. Ness – Neuronic
8. Woo York – Farewell Old Friend
9. Spherical Coordinates – SCNWO-20
10. Christian Wünsch – Beta v.0.5
11. Error Etica – TV Treated
12. Giorgio Gigli – Synergetic Exposure
13. Donor – Cell 424
14. Oscar Mulero – Northern Work
15. Go Hiyama – Mean
16. Ben Gibson – Devine Process
17. Exium – Arkanis
18. P.E.A.R.L. – Memoria
19. Subjected – Shift
20. Kwartz – Control
21. Tripeo – Zebog

Darren Ressler

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