2018 Rewind: Yulia Niko

Yulia Niko

How was 2018 for you?

Yulia Niko: Not bad at all! A few dreams came true after 13 years of working, studying and creating music. I signed records to some of my favorite labels, including Crosstown Rebels and Get Physical, and I have been happier and more energized than ever before which has in turn made me a lot more productive in return! I have learned to always trust my intuition, as 2018 was quite a journey of self-realization for me and that it has me more rooted than ever, so I am thankful for it.


Oh, there are a lot, but definitely doing the Mixmag live stream from Bogota! I also did another one in Berlin for Get Physical for the EP I had out in November. Of course, release-wise – my debut on Crosstown Rebels, as the label surprised me with a remix from one of my fav producers from Romania, Livio & Roby. My other track made it to VA Spirits 2, which included some very established producers like Nick Curly, Art Department, Yousef and more. My debut EP on Hottrax with full support by Jamie Jones, which was then noticed by Dennis Ferrer’s management team, so now I’m a part of their small family of artists. Feels great when I read all this back. ☺


With my lifestyle it doesn’t exist ☺

Song of the year?

I would say Nachtbraker – “You Can’t Run.” I do like to choose something fresh and different, support new artists…so yeah, this is one of the top choices for me.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I don’t like all this pressure about the New Year, with it being some sort of finish line with a reset button at the end. However, I am Russian, and it’s a very big deal there – people go crazy with outfits, food and an army of alcohol. To me, it’s just another day, and therefore I have never made any resolutions.

Since my job makes me happy, if I had to make something, I guess it would be business as usual and more of it.. To be honest as I am touring in Central and South America in January, my resolution should be to wear sunscreen. Nobody wants to see a lobster behind the booth.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and I wish to everyone a lot of luck in 2019.

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