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Influenced by classic house music and the clubs which helped spawn a global movement, Italian twosome Flashmob have carefully carved out a discerning niche for themselves on the global dance floor. Since issuing their brilliant floor movers “Brick House” and “Need In Me,” Danny Minchella and Alessandro Magani have continued to champion quality house music.

After various exploits in Ibiza this season, the guys produced an exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix, featuring primo cuts from house-music stalwarts such as Dennis Ferrar, Kerri Chandler and Mood II Swing. Check out their smoking’ mix below and read an exclusive interview where they discuss their success and future aspirations.

We think you’ll agree when we say the ‘Mob rules!

Flashmob’s remix of JP Chronic feat. Thallie’s “It’s Okay” is released on October 30. Their new Water Floor EP is October 27 on Defected’s sister label, DFTD. Catch Flashmob at Le Terrazze in Palermo, Italy, on October 10.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Flashmob by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

1. Ekkohaus – “Rendezvous” (Jesse Rose Play Late Remix)
2. Benjamin Brunn – “No Kicks” (XDB Reshape)
3. Dennis Ferrer – “Son Of Raw”
4. Kerri Chandler – “Back To The Raw” (Ruff Mix) (Vinyl)
5. Mood ll Swing – “Move Me” (Vinyl)
6. Acid Mondays – “Got to Get Higher” (Delano Smith Remix)
7. Hanfry Martinez – “Hasta Luego Primo” (Dan Ghenacia Remix)
8. Oscar Offerman & Moomin – “Joe MacDaddy” (Original Mix)
9. Thomas Frohlich – “Get Us” (Vinyl)
10. In Flagranti – “Outsider House” (Original Mix)
11. Depeche Mode – “Dream On” (Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix) (EDIT)

How did Flashmob fare this summer? What were some of your most favorite musical moments?
The whole summer was really great​, very intense and with really good vibes. We were really happy to see such a great reaction to our twist of sound​​. We really enjoyed Sankeys and Defected at Booom in Ibiza, ​although​ we must say it’s hard to beat ​the​ Lost In Ibiza Boat Party​ —​ every year it gets better. We also ​doid some really great festivals like Found Ceremony and 18h.

It seems that you’ve been traveling a lot lately. How does travel influence your DJ sets and productions?
I think traveling and learning about new cultures opens your mind to new ways of life, new prospectives and in a way it helps you destroy barriers​. ​It makes your brain free and independent; this is very​ important​ to find your personal style playing.

Aside from the food, what’s the one thing you miss most about Italy when you’re traveling?
Italy is a such a great country because everywhere you go ​you’ll ​find yourself surrounded by art, history and culture; it’s intense and full of beauty​. ​Once you get used to that the emptiness of many places around the world becomes disturbing.

You’re based in Milan. What’s the go-to club at the moment and how was the scene changed since you both started out?
The scene has not changed much through the years​, ​there’s still the same mechanism that rules the game​. ​It’s sad but music culture is filtered by the interests of the leading agents that only book certain names they have exclusivity on; the same old story. But I see things are changing​. ​We are working with a brilliant promoter, Giuseppe Grillo from Amnesia, who is very young but so incredibly talented​. ​He’s definitely changing the scene and the approach to bookings.

Your remix of JP Chronic ft. Thallia’s “It’s Okay” is gorgeous and techy. How did you approach that mix?
We ​went​ into the studio the day before going to Ibiza and we knew we were gonna spend a day in our favorite club in the world, DC10​. ​So we did a DC10 remix, and we love it​.​ I think it’s really something if you can say you really feel represented by a track or remix​.​

What is the remainder of 2014 looking like for Flashmob? Have you started thinking about 2015 projects?
Reminder is: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” 2015 will be a brilliant year, we already know​, ​we’ve got so much new music coming and a great enthusiasm​.​

What inspired your Big Shot Guest Mix?
To be honest we really wanna go to USA. It’s been in the talks for ages now and one of ​our ​two managers, J​ay,​ is in New York so we cannot wait to go​.​ ​E​very time there is a mix or interview ​request ​coming from our press agents at Emms​ Publicity​ we really give it ​our ​al​l​. USA, the Mob is coming. Prepare the flash​!​

Darren Ressler

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